Vivian Klovning og familie

A perfect stay for me and my family in beautiful Denmark

Vivian og familj storkoser sig i Aalborg

We truly enjoyed every day. The hospitality of the people and all the attractions we where able to visit. The trip with Color Line was a great start to it all. Early morning but all if us ready for holiday. The boat went so fast, and when we arrived we drove straight to Fårup sommerland.

We started with a pleasent stay in Fårup hotel with good lunch. Then the day could start for 3 edited kids. A park with so many options for teenage boys and a 3 year old girl with lots of areas for playing. And an ice cream place in each corner of the park.

Vivian Klovning ColorLine

After a great stay we went to Kompas Hotel. We where booked into a nice double room with plenty of room for all of us. Then it was time for some Italian food at Azzurra Nordkraft. We all enjoyd a pizza and something to drink. Time to sleep and be ready for Saturday adventures.

Great breakfast in the hotel and straight to the Aalborg Zoo. A beautiful park with lots of nice animals we where lucky to meet most of them up close. A great experience for grown-ups and kids. We eat good lunch and eat ice-cream again. We also loved the dinosaur area. Was both scary (for some) and fascinating for others.

Then it was time for just some relaxing and enjoying the hotel before the evening dinner. We eat on Flammen, and that was such a nice restaurant. With food and lots of choices for everyone. We went for a small walk and found nice places, small colorful houses and streetart in beautiful Aalborg city.

Vivian Klovning i Aalborg Zoo

The first visit was such a beautiful area. Rudbjerg Knude lighthouse. A beautiful place to walk to and we just loved the soft sand, the colors, the area.

After this the trip went towards Hirtshals Fiskehus to eat a good meal of fish at the Harbour. The weather was great and we enjoyd the food and of course another ice cream before the trip went to Nordsjøen Ocenarium. Also this place amazed us with so many nice things to watch and experience.

We had some great hours exploring before we went to eat a last and very good meal at Normann Hirtshals. With great food in the stomach we drove to Tornby Beach to find out how they celebrate St. Hans in Denmark.

Waiting a while for the fire to start but didn’t regret any second when we saw the result and the beautiful fire and the sun on its way to down in the horizon.

Thank you so much for an great trip!

We will be back for sure

Vivian Klovning i Fårup Sommerland