Katrine Jordal på Kunsten

Thank you Aalborg, for showing us an adventure we didn’t know existed so close to home.


What an amazing weekend we have had in Aalborg! The previously industrial center of Denmark now presented itself as a modern, yet charming and welcoming city. The friendly little brother of Copenhagen, always ready to keep you busy, without all the hassle of tourism. 

Thursday evening, we drove across the Norwegian mountains, and arrived early morning at the Color Line port in Kristiansand. The sunrise was welcoming us with ever-changing colors of pink, orange and blue, setting the tone for all the beautiful sights we had coming the next couple of days. After 7 hours of driving, the freshly prepared buffets inside of one of Color Line’s restaurants were exactly what we needed to recharge. Add some fresh ocean air out on deck, and we were all set to explore this city waiting for us on the other side of the ocean. 

Katrine Jordal Street art

Driving in Denmark was a true pleasure. The road took us through mighty green acers with the iconic windmills, and before we knew it, Aalborg was right in front of us. The industrial fabrics that were once there, was now replaced with a high-design waterfront mixed with traditional little houses. These were turned in to charming cafés, with locals and tourists blending over a cup of coffee, enjoying the sun. All this was right outside the large bedroom windows of our room at Radisson Blu Limfjord, perfectly located in the midst of it all. 

Boredom was not the word to describe either this city, nor our weekend spent in it. We started it off with a visit to Kunsten, an art museum located just a 15-minute walk from our hotel. It had something for everyone, from traditional paintings to modern sculptures. Not to mention the mouth-watering risotto in the Scandinavian-designed café downstairs, cooked by Michelin-chef Tina Frederiksen. To please your inner child, you can just walk another 5 minutes from Kunsten, through a green oasis placed in the middle of the city, and Aalborg Zoo will be right in front of you. 

While Aalborg definitely pleased the cultural parts of our hearts, it also offered all we needed to cover our shopping desire as well. Whether you are looking for a new dress for your summer wardrobe or some interior pieces for your living room, Scandinavian design will not let you down. We were walking through cozy streets lined with shops for every occasion, and when a small pick-me-up was needed, we made sure to visit Lagkagehuset at Magasin for an iced coffee and a DELICIOUS brownie. After all the walking (and shopping, of course), we started to get hungry. Fortunately, Salling has recently opened a roof top terrace with the greatest view in Aalborg – and possibly the greatest “smørebrød” in town. 

While we’re talking of food: if you’re eating out just one place while staying in Aalborg – make that place Restaurant Struktur! We ordered the five-course meal paired with cocktails, and oh boy what a festivity that took place in our mouths. It is possibly one of the greater food experiences I’ve had while travelling. 

Katrine Jordal på Struktur

After a couple of days in the city, we had reached the last day of our stay. The sun was shining as we drove back through the green acres, ready for our last destination of the trip: Løkken. Although a weekend in the city is always fun, this was truly the highlight of our trip. We parked our car and walked up to beaches that could easily be confused with the ones in Malibu. White sand dunes framed with green grass on one side, and the mighty blue grass on the other. The sun was shining and the thermostat showed 22 degrees, but we were not here to sunbath. We were here to do one of my all-time favorite activities. We were here to surf the waves of Skagerrak with Northshore Surf.

After spending a couple of hours in the waves, we fueled up on some fish and chips from the food wagon. Vestevent was waiting to take us out on a Land Rover safari to see some more of this beautiful beach, as well as the impressing dessert areas covering Rubjerg Knude Fyr. The view was majestic, and I’ve rarely seen anything like it – especially not so close to home. The only proper way to end this day, was of course with a barbecue next to the bunkers on the beach. We watch the sun set, showcasing again it’s ever-changing colors, indicating that the trip had come to an end and that it was time to get back home to the everyday. 

Thank you Aalborg, for showing us an adventure we didn’t know existed so close to home. Whether we’re looking for a city experience, a shopping trip, or an outdoor adventure, we now know where to head next.  

Katrine på Rooftop